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Uvalde Massacre: The relatives of the victims denounce that the police took almost an hour to enter the school



Uvalde Massacre: Relatives of the victims denounce that the police took almost an hour to enter the school

In the last few hours, more situations have been clarified regarding the events that occurred at the Robb de Uvalde First School in the state of TEXAS, in the United States of America.

Inaction or incompetence?

It was learned that a significant number of the parents of the victims decided at one point to access the school on their own, since the police took almost an hour to decide to enter and put an end to the massacre.

In an establishment of the timeline of the situation, some people who witnessed the development of the incident indicated that relatives of the victims asked the police to enter the school, and one even considered entering the establishment on his own, frustrated by the lack of action of the agents.

According to Texas officials, Ramos was inside the school for up to an hour before he was shot dead by police.

Juan Carranza, a local resident who happens to have his residence in front of the school, yelled at the police, “Come in there! Come in!” while law enforcement officials ignored his words while screams and shots were heard inside the school compound.


Javier Cazares, father of one of the victims of the attack, stated that he ran to the school when he found out about the situation, and that there he saw the police gathered outside the building doing nothing.

He then suggested going in together with other people who were there, since the police “were not doing anything”. “More could have been done. They were not prepared,” he said.

The questions is:

Were the police drinking coffee while the shooter killed the innocents?

With information from local media in Uvalde

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