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Frank Cuesta almost died attacked by the “Perrito” deer, VIDEO

Frank Cuesta almost died attacked by the “Perrito” deer, VIDEO

The well-known naturalist Frank Cuesta, known for his character as Frank de la Jungla or Wild Frank on the Discovery network, was attacked by one of the animals that he has rescued in his sanctuary in Thailand.

To watch the video you must log in to your YouTube/gmail account as it is only available to people over 18 years of age due to the images of the violent deer attack:

The rescued deer, baptized by Frank Cuesta as “Dog” and one of the iconic animals of the Libertad sanctuary, created by Cuesta in Thailand to rescue animals giving them a second chance to live in freedom, has attacked him at a time when the deer was He has felt limited in movement and/or in addition to being in the mating season, even though he has been one of the most docile that he has shared with Cuesta since his arrival at the sanctuary.

He has stated that he has at least 2 broken ribs, several lacerations, and stitches have been taken in various parts of his body such as his neck, ribs, abdomen and arm, in addition to lacerations on his back, this is very hard for him. naturalist since for a year he has declared that he suffers from chronic leukemia and must have certain care and appropriate treatment.

We wish Frank Cuesta a speedy recovery from here, we have learned a lot to care for and love animals by watching his teachings, but as he always says himself:

Animals must be given their space even when we know them from the moment they are born…we can take the jungle out of the animal but not out of the animal’s mind…

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