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The United States renewed Chevron’s license to operate in Venezuela


WASHINGTON, USA.- The United States renewed Chevron’s license to operate in Venezuela.

The Chevron oil company benefited from an extension of its license to carry out operations in Venezuela, an exception made by the United States government for certain entities, institutions or commercial conglomerates amid the sanctions imposed by the government of former President Obama, subsequently Trump and currently continue with Biden, to the South American country.

The American oil company Chevron will continue to operate in Venezuela, since the government of the United States (USA) renewed the license to the oil company this Friday, the 27th, reported local media from both Venezuela and the US.

Despite the economic sanctions issued against Venezuela and its state oil company PDVSA by the government of that country, the license will be maintained until next November.

For several days, the media had stated that Chevron’s license in Venezuela would be renewed by the US Treasury.

However, its renewal was until this Friday, May 27, the newspaper reported.

It was confirmed that the measure is only for the basic maintenance of the wells. The media outlet emphasized that it was expected that Chevron’s license would be to resume crude oil exports, and thus lower gasoline prices in the US, and at the same time encourage dialogue between the government of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition.


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