ayudemos todos a salvar el planeta


www.notiactual.com is a website dedicated to the publication of informative content to the community of Venezuela and the World, quickly, truthfully and without political bias, the latter because our country Venezuela has recently been seen full of means that go from being informative to being instruments of manipulation by the different interests that gravitate in the political sphere of the nation.

Therefore, our editorial line is nothing more than to present the facts as they occur, at the time it occurs, indicating the original source of them, the characters, sites, etc., This in both the news and articles of Opinion of our collaborators. With the sole purpose of the reader who decides to make opinions and criticisms about them, so we have defined very specific conditions of use on the origin of the information, on the use of the same in www.notiactual.com and on the tilde that each reader wishes to put to each informative case.

In this way we can say that www.notiactual.com is an informative and opinion alternative, which hopes to improve on a daily basis based on the feedback we make with our audience, in order to consolidate ourselves as a means to live up to the respect that the Community deserves Spanish-speaking who reads us every day.

The NotiActual.com Team

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