In the USA: Unlimited Police Brutality! Agent shoots a child with autism 11 times and does not go to prison, VIDEO

Unlimited Police Brutality in the US! Agent shoots a child with autism 11 times and is not arrested. The Salt Lake City Police (Utah, USA) published on Monday videos of the body... Read more »

US Tests Human MRNA-1273 Vaccine to Fight Coronavirus COVID-19

The first tests of a vaccine to fight the coronavirus COVID-19 are being applied in the United States. USA Tests the mRNA-1273 vaccine in humans to fight the coronavirus COVID-19. The US... Read more »

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson announce having coronavirus

Actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announce they have coronaviruses. The American actor Tom Hanks has announced this March 12 from Australia that he is infected with covid-19. His wife,... Read more »

Tornadoes cause at least 25 deaths in Tennessee

Rescue teams were looking for survivors and missing persons in the rubble, an official from the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) said, so the balance of victims and damages could increase. US... Read more »

ALERT! Commercial airplanes are Coronavirus transmission vectors

The WHO seems to stop saying things at the convenience of the world-wide crematist entities, and in every pandemic there is always a vector for the transmission of viruses, in this case... Read more »

According to Mike Pence, the US will have a vaccine for COVID-19 at the end of 2020, VIDEO

While every day that passes more people die from the Chinese coronavirus COVID-19 and every hour counts to achieve it, the US Vice President Mike Pence said they will have a vaccine... Read more »

ATROCIOUS! In San Antonio, Texas, USA, a patient infected with Coronavirus COVID-19 was discharged

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discharged “by mistake” a patient infected with covid-19 coronavirus in San Antonio (Texas, USA), as explained on Sunday the mayor of the city, Ron... Read more »