WHO Confirms that Pets Do Not Transmit COVID-19

WHO Confirms that Pets Do Not Transmit COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) insists that dogs, cats and other pets do not transmit the coronavirus, this after thousands of myths and dubious information about the spread of this virus.

The information is posted on the official WHO page where it ensures that “there is no proof that the coronavirus infects companion animals such as cats and dogs.” These animals also cannot infect humans or other species with Covid-19.

However, the WHO recommended that pet owners wash their hands with soap and water after coming into contact with them, because they can transmit other germs, such as bacteria from escherichia coli or salmonella.

Covid-19 is transmitted primarily through cough drops, sneezing, saliva, or discharge from the nose. While pets generate droplets fairly easily, there are significant barriers to the virus leaping from humans to animals, and vice versa.

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