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The sports that are most practiced in the City of Almere, Netherlands


The sports that are most practiced in the City of Almere, Netherlands

The city of Almere, located in the province of Flevoland, is one of the youngest and most modern in the Netherlands. Founded in 1976 on land reclaimed from the sea, Almere has become a center for sports and outdoor activities, thanks to its natural environment and urban infrastructure. In this article, we present five sports that are practiced in the city of Almere and that you can enjoy if you visit.

1. Surfing:

Believe it or not, yes, Almere has several artificial lakes that offer ideal conditions for surfing, both for beginners and experts. The largest is Lake IJsselmeer, where international windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions are held. You can also surf at Lake Markermeer, Lake Gooimeer or Lake Weerwater, where the city center of Almere is located.


2. Cycling:

Cycling is one of the most popular sports in the Netherlands, and Almere is no exception. The city has more than 400 kilometers of bike lanes that connect the different neighborhoods and green areas. In addition, Almere is part of the national network of cycle routes, which allows you to explore the country by bicycle following signs and maps. One of the most interesting routes is the one around the IJsselmeer lake, with a length of 400 kilometers.


3. Golf:

If you like golf, Almere offers you several options to practice this sport. The city has four golf courses, each with its own style and difficulty. The oldest is the Golfclub Almeerderhout, founded in 1983 and located in a forest. The largest is Golfbaan Naarderbos, which has 36 holes and views of Lake Gooimeer. The most modern is the Golfpark Almkreek, which opened in 2012 and has an ecological design. And the most exclusive is the Golfresidentie Zeewolde, which is a private club with 27 holes.


4. Climbing:

If you dare to climb, Almere offers you two places where you can practice this sport. The first is the Klimbos Fun Forest, an adventure park located in the Almeerderhout forest, where you can climb among the trees following different circuits with ropes, bridges and zip lines. The second is the Boulderhal Kunststof, an indoor climbing center where you can climb on blocks of different shapes and heights without the need for a harness or rope.


5. Skiing:

Although it may seem surprising, you can also practice skiing in Almere. The city has an artificial ski slope called Ski-Mere, where you can learn or improve your technique on synthetic snow. The track is 230 meters long and has a maximum inclination of 25%. There is also an area for children and beginners, and a bar where you can have a drink after skiing.

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