Yale Expert: Coronavirus “30 Times More Deadly than Flu”, Comparison Table

Yale Expert: Coronavirus is “30 times more deadly than the flu”, Comparison Table.

According to a Yale University researcher, Akiko Iwasaki, a professor in the Department of Immunobiology and the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Development Biology at Yale University.

The Coronavirus is “30 times more deadly than the flu”, she affirms that it is necessary to stop thinking that it is like a flu simply because some individuals said on the social network twitter.

She shared a table that indicates everything related to the death rate of the coronavirus compared to other plagues.


This information sent by Yale Expert Professor Akiko Iwasaki is of vital importance since until now little was known about this type of pathogens, and collecting, filtering and tabulating the relevant information will help public health managers to better carry out their planning for quarantine while developing a vaccine for the covid-19 coronavirus.

From this table, data emerges such as:

  •  The spread rate of covid-19 is very high, reaching up to 40% of the population.
  •  Relatively, SARS1 and MERS have a higher mortality rate, but their propagation rate is lower, so that over time the number of deaths from COVID-19 could be higher for similar pathogens, as of this date, it surpassed SARS1 and the MERS according to the information provided by the doctor.
  •  Almost 20% of those infected with COVID-19 require hospitalization, while for common flu only 2%.


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