The World at the mercy of COVID19: There are not enough vaccines for everyone and the new strain is out of control.


The World at the mercy of COVID: There are not enough vaccines for everyone and the new strain is out of control.

The worst thing we could imagine is a 2021 darker than 2020, governments still do not do what they should to stop the Chinese virus coronavirus covid-19, the WHO continues without giving results, and pharmaceutical companies go at their own pace ($).

A new strain out of control.

The British strain is already present in more than 50 countries and spreads like gunpowder, remember that it is 70% more contagious, international flights continue to be the great vector of distribution of the virus, due to the fact that the detection of it at a time when the infected is asymptomatic is almost impossible by current methods: Measuring the temperature when entering an airport is useless and neither are rapid tests.

Many countries are already requesting a negative PCR test to allow people to travel, but the vast majority rely only on rapid tests and measure temperature, letting those infected with the virus pass by incubating.

We must bear in mind that for the pandemic to stop, the R0 must be less than 1, the new strain raised it from 1.3 to 1.7 and more, which implies the opposite.

Current vaccines do not work with the new strain.

The CEO of BioNTech recently indicated that in a few weeks they would have a variant of their vaccine that could nullify the new strain, while vaccines for the current strain are manufactured and distributed.

The worst scenario for 2021 is confirmed.

The WHO has confirmed that the herd immunity will not be achieved in 2021 despite having a vaccine, this, because the world has almost 8 billion inhabitants and even the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has envisioned 2021 at most with 2000 million of doses, which is just over 330 million vials, which means that if only the Pfizer figures for global vaccination are handled, not even a third of the globe will be reached.

Rich countries hoarding vaccines.

This is coupled with the fact that poor countries will not see vaccines for a long time, because rich countries are hoarding them by prepaying before being produced at unpayable prices by developing countries.

Something like this happened when the H1N1 pandemic, the vaccines had to be donated to third countries and in the worst case, destroyed because they were in poor condition or expired, the rich countries left the third world without vaccines and then wasted them.

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