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An Avalanche of People Leaving New York Due to COVID-19

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An Avalanche of People Leaving New York Due to COVID-19

New York, one of the places hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, is now facing increasing depopulation, thousands of people are leaving the city every day, rental of furniture storage and moving services are the most requested and currently defendants in the city.

Citizens are mainly looking for two things: Outdoor houses and the option of remote work, they no longer want to be in the tumult of what has been for decades the most desirable city to reside, and which at one time became the most expensive due to this.

Today, unemployment is on the rise and prices are plummeting.

The demand for moving services is skyrocketing.

Since March, real estate companies and moving companies have seen a flood of applications from people leaving New York, many of them young families, as the pandemic drives demand for larger homes and more outdoor space, at the same time. that facilitates relocation by expanding remote work.

So far, the increase has shown no signs of slowing down, says the president of real estate firm Houlihan Lawrence, which handles home sales in suburban New York City, and reported its best year on record in 2020.

This exodus has spawned a small universe of articles debating whether New York City is dead or dying, and what should be done – if anything can be done – to help it recover.

Business bankruptcy and unemployment.

As the United States faces an economic crisis that is likely to last longer than the pandemic that precipitated it, such concerns are not unique to America’s largest city.

Urban centers smaller than New York, across the country, have watched in despair as signs of a much sought after revival – new restaurants, businesses in previously abandoned buildings – disappear almost overnight.

Go shooping, a high risk that remains latent ..

In New York, the pandemic has closed theaters, emptied offices, stopped tourism, and turned shopping and restaurants into hazards that you must take at your own risk, destroying industries that employed a fifth of the city’s workforce.

Post-pandemic economy ..

Up to a third of the city’s small businesses may not survive the pandemic, according to estimates by the local business group Partnership for New York City. Most businesses in the city center do not expect staff to return to the office in full.

The situation has pushed the city’s unemployment rate to more than 12%, almost double the national average, swelled the ranks of the homeless, and pushed out more than 300,000 people like Andrea, further straining the Public finances.

The future is uncertain.

With information from BBC

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