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ALERT! Measuring the temperature to passengers in airports does NOT detect Coronavirus

In a recent study, where the patients who entered the United States and subsequently presented with the symptoms of the COVID-19 Coronavirus were followed up, it was determined that they all measured the temperature at the airports where they entered, and gave NEGATIVE, but they were infected, which means that measuring the temperature to passengers in airports does not detect the coronavirus.

These people traveled throughout their trip in a plane with hundreds of passengers around them, used the handrails, seats, bathrooms, among other things, in addition to interacting with the crew and other passengers.

It happens that as we have said in other news, the coronavirus has an incubation period of about 24 days and during that period the human can infect other humans without even knowing it.

In addition, according to another study, it was determined that the virus may be present on inanimate surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic for up to nine days. According to this, if an infected passenger sneezes and their secretions place them in the seatpost of a seat and that plane continues traveling its routes, at least for 9 days that handrail will contain enough virus to infect an undetermined number of passengers who have their They would continue to contaminate others in various ways.

Something similar has happened at the Diamond Princess Cruise, where a single passenger without symptoms resulted in the infection of so far more than 650 passengers and the quarantine of the entire ship.

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