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In Michigan, a nurse drugged with methamphetamines neglects a baby and he dies of suffocation


Coloma, Michigan.- A three-year-old baby died because the nurse who was supposed to take care of him arrived for his shift under the influence of psychotropic drugs, the same ones that he declared to have been injected before going to work that day and in the days before the fateful shift.

The Parents found the nurse drugged.

The woman was found totally drugged and speaking incoherently on one side of the minor by her parents. All this occurred in the town of Coloma, Michigan, last Monday at dawn.

Nurse Judith Sobol was in no condition to provide help, to which she later admitted to taking methamphetamine before starting work.

The infant needed special care, which Sobol did not comply with due to being drugged.

Police report indicates that she was drugged at her work.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police officers who responded to the 911 emergency call said they found Judith Sobol delirious while the parents performed exercises to revive her son.

“Through an investigation, officers discovered that the nurse was supposed to care for the child throughout the night.”

This nurse, who was in charge of the baby at night, admitted that she had also injected the same substance (meth) during the previous four days.

The drugged-out nurse was charged with negligent murder after the baby suffocated to death due to lack of his respirator, as well as a drug possession charge after discovering illicit substances at the scene.

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