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Human Trafficking in the US, how does a truck with almost 100 immigrants pass through the border? Who are responsible?

Who is responsible for Human Trafficking in the US.Who is responsible for Human Trafficking in the US.

Human Trafficking in the US, a situation that has been going on for decades and apparently the authorities do not want to do what is necessary to stop it.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS.- The most recent event that occurred in the State of Texas in the United States of America could make us think that human trafficking is an everyday thing on the complicated US-Mexico border, unfortunately it is like that, every day According to the authorities of both countries there are events similar to this.

The most recent and most notorious case in public opinion is the 53 migrants that until now is the balance of deaths, of almost 100 migrants from Central America and Mexico who were in a truck transporting refrigerated material, but that it did not have The air conditioning system was activated, so its occupants suffered the consequences of those who trafficked them to their destination.

In a preliminary report of the deceased, 22 have been identified as Mexicans, seven Guatemalans and two Hondurans, later it was reported that at least 27 were Mexicans.

A more recent report at the time of writing this content was as follows:

  • 20 Mexicans
  • 2 Hondurans
  • 7 Guatemalans21 no ID at the time

For the balance of dead according to their nationality, the rest, some are torn between life and death in the hospital, have similar nationalities.

Dark antecedents of a tragedy that is experienced daily, a situation that repeats itself and is becoming more and more

On May 14, 2003, a group of 73 migrants was found in Victoria, Texas, in the bed of a trailer with no water, no food, and no air conditioning. 19 died, including a five-year-old boy who was found hugging his father, who also died. Nothing like this had ever happened in the United States.

Human trafficking in the United States is a highly lucrative business that no one seems to want to stop.

And indeed, it seems that the authorities do not want to put an end to human trafficking in the United States, since, as we see in the image that begins this article, the driver of the truck loaded with migrants even makes a very strange greeting, but we could assume that it is a sign of the gangs or organizations that could have tentacles in the US immigration agencies, although this is only speculation in the face of the wave of questions that we all ask ourselves.




As we can see in the graph, this criminal greets the United States customs agents as if he passed by there every day and had known them for years.

According to the consulted sources, a Mexican migrant pays up to 200,000 pesos (local currency of his country) to cross the US border, if we translate this amount into US dollars this would be around $UDS 9,859.85 (You can check the updated amount of the change pesos to dollars here) per migrant, which meant in this case only with the deceased the amount of $USD 512,712.2 at the time we wrote this article.

Obviously there are more questions than answers to this situation and the fact is that there are so many cases that it seems that the investigations are shelved and they are only waiting for the next scandal, some questions that have come to our newsroom are left here:

  • Who really owns this truck?
  • Why don’t the authorities check this type of cargo at the border?
  • If the excuse is that many trucks like this one pass by because it does not have the superpower and the appropriate technology to detect human trafficking in this type of vehicle or in any other type of vehicle?
  • How does a truck with almost 100 migrants cross the border of the superpower and travel more than 250 kilometers within its territory?
  • Can the US authorities say without lying that they lack money to achieve better technology to detect this type of traffic?
  • What are the investigations that have been seriously carried out on these cases in the US?
  •  How far have human trafficking investigations come in the US?

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