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What are the symptoms of the new variants of COVID-19? Updated


LONDON, ENGLAND.- In a recent study carried out in the United Kingdom, on the symptoms of COVID-19, it has been revealed that they are close to those of a common cold, although this happens more in people with the complete vaccination cycle or at least two full doses.

The study was carried out as follows:

Information was taken from 17,500 people who had recently tested positive for COVID-19, the week before the study, the data was collected with an application called Zoe COVID, at the same Imperial College London and the US Institute of Health, joined efforts to determine the following.

Symptoms that have become less common:

  • Fever
  • loss of smell
  • Loss of Taste.

Symptoms that have become more common:

  • Hoarsely
  • the sneezes
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pains

The top 20 symptoms of covid-19, in descending order based on Zoe’s study data, are:

  • Sore throat – suffered by 58% of the participants
  • Headache – 49%
  • Stuffy nose – 40%
  • Dry cough – 40%
  • Coryza – 40%
  • Cough with phlegm – 37%
  • hoarse voice – 35%
  • Sneezing – 32%
  • Fatigue – 27%
  • Muscle pain – 25%
  • Nausea – 18%
  • Swelling in the neck – 15%
  • Eye pain – 14%
  • Smell Modifications – 13%
  • Chest tightness or pain – 13%
  • Fever – 13%
  • Chills – 12%
  • Difficulty breathing – 11%
  • Ear pain – 11%
  • Loss of smell – 10%

The information matches the findings of other recent research.

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