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A man shoots and mortally wounds former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe. VIDEO

Shinzo Abe died in japanShinzo Abe

TOKYO, JAPAN.- During a speech he was making in one of the prefectures where he was on tour performing a political act, the former Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe was shot and fatally wounded.

Abe was taken to hospital but could not bear the injuries, which were reportedly caused by a homemade shotgun, and the shots fired by a former Japanese military man.


Who is the murderer and why did he carry a weapon in Japan when they are totally prohibited?

It is presumed that the attacker is an ex-military man from that country, he would have appeared at the site where Abe was giving a political speech and went directly towards him and shot him twice, the weapon as could be seen in the images It is homemade, so the assumption can be derived that the shooter himself would have built it. This fact denotes that he himself was preparing for his intentions against Abe long before the event.

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