VIDEO: Evo Morales resigned from the pressures of the people, army and police

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA.- Evo Morales, has announced his resignation this November 10 after an escalation of tension that led to a wave of resignations in the South American country.

Hours earlier, both the head of the Armed Forces and the general commander of the Bolivian Police had demanded the resignation of the ex-president today.

The Bolivian Armed Forces pronounced as follows:

“We are leaving Bolivia with the sovereignty and independence of the State […] with the dignity and identity of the Bolivian people,” said the former president, announcing his resignation from Chimoré, in the department of Cochabamba.

“It is no betrayal. The struggle continues. We are a people,” said the outgoing head of state, underlining the remarkable level of development achieved by the country during his tenure. “I tell the youth: be human with the humblest,” he added.

“The coup d’etat has been consummated,” said Vice President Álvaro García Linera who also resigned, but this statement seems to move away from the real situation in Bolivia, since the pressure arose after a declaration of fraud in the elections where he (Evo Morales), insisted on participating when he could no longer do so in accordance with the current constitution of that country.

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