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The most popular sports in Edinburgh

The most popular sports in Edinburgh

The most popular sports in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city famous for its history, its culture and its beauty, but also for its sports offer. In this city you can practice many sports, both outdoors and in modern, well-equipped facilities. Here we present five sports that are practiced in the City of Edinburgh and that may encourage you to visit it and enjoy its sporting atmosphere.


Rugby is Scotland’s national sport and Edinburgh is its capital. In this city is the Murrayfield stadium, where the Scottish national team plays and where high-level international matches are held. Rugby is a sport of contact, strength and strategy, which requires a lot of discipline and teamwork. If you like rugby, you cannot miss the opportunity to watch a match at Murrayfield and feel the passion of the Scottish fans.


Golf is another very popular sport in Scotland, considered the country where this sport originated. Edinburgh has several golf courses, both public and private, where you can play this sport with spectacular views of the city and the surrounding hills. Golf is a sport of precision, concentration and patience, which can be enjoyed at any age and level. If you like golf, don’t hesitate to bring your clubs to Edinburgh and try one of its courses.




Cycling is a sport that can be practiced in Edinburgh both for fun and for transportation. The city has a network of bike lanes that connect the different points of interest and allow you to explore it in a safe and ecological way. Cycling is a sport of resistance, speed and balance, which improves cardiovascular and muscular health. If you like cycling, you can rent a bike in Edinburgh and explore its most emblematic corners.



Climbing is a sport that can be practiced in Edinburgh both on rock and on an artificial wall. The city is surrounded by hills and mountains that offer varying degrees of difficulty for the most adventurous climbers. There are also several indoor climbing centers, where you can practice this sport safely and comfortably. Climbing is a sport of strength, flexibility and coordination, which challenges physical and mental limits. If you like climbing, you can find the ideal place to practice it in Edinburgh.



Swimming is a sport that can be practiced in Edinburgh both in the pool and in the open sea. The city has several public and private swimming pools, where you can swim freely or take classes with qualified instructors. There are also some beaches near the city, where you can swim in the sea if you are brave enough to brave the cold water. Swimming is a sport of rhythm, technique and breathing, which benefits the entire body and mind. If you like swimming, you can choose from the different options that Edinburgh offers.

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