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The Spanish First and Second Division League suspended due to the coronavirus

The Spanish First and Second Division League suspended due to the coronavirus. The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has suspended this March 12 all the first and second division matches, reports the newspaper El Español.

The decision comes just a day after all male and female non-professional state football was canceled for the next two weeks by the coronavirus crisis.

Previously, the possibility that the following league days were held behind closed doors was being studied, but the increase in the number of cases of covid-19 and deaths in the nation led the RFEF, La Liga and the Association of Spanish Soccer Players to change of opinion.

Specifically, the next two days (28 and 29) will be affected, as several clubs and some players, including Real Madrid winger Dani Carvajal, had urged, in order to protect the integrity of all.

The news was also the result of a positive for coronavirus from one of the members of the Real Madrid basketball team, which led the entity to quarantine both that squad and the football team.

Those affected in Spain by the coronavirus outbreak already exceed 2,150, among which 50 deaths are to be regretted.

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