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The Benefits of Socially Distanced Gambling

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The Benefits of Socially Distanced Gambling


Being confined at your home during the COVID-19 pandemic does not necessarily mean that you have to put a halt to your gambling quests. While the doors of the brick and mortar casinos remain closed, online gambling sites welcome you with wide-open arms.

Whether you have already stepped into the magnificent world of online gambling or considering giving it a try, this is the perfect time to do so. No worries even if you are a first-timer. We will take you through all the benefits of gambling without compromising on social distancing. In fact, you may end up enjoying your relaxing gambling sessions and never look back!

Attractive Bonuses & Promotions

This is one of the many benefits that you cannot enjoy at land-based casinos. To top it all, online gambling sites are coming up with more lucrative bonus offers for keeping their bored-at-home customers satisfied.

By availing of these bonus offers, you may be able to begin your gambling sessions with a massive boost unlike before. So, although the pandemic shook your regular lifestyle pretty badly, this is one of the small perks that you can take advantage of and add some exciting gambling sessions to your day.

Now, if you are not sure about the casinos we are talking about, you may want to take a look at AllGambling for the best gambling sites with attractive bonuses. Compare a few of their recommendations and settle for one that has a higher rewarding potential.

Higher RTP on Online Slots

Compared to table games and video pokers, online slot machines offer a relatively lower RTP. While it’s no surprise there, the update on these extremely popular casino games is that now they are featuring a higher RTP than usual.

For instance, if you have played a slot machine with an RTP of 94% before COVID-19, you may be able to enjoy up to 96% RTP in this game if you give it a try now.

Always a Spot at the Favourite Table


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If you had not realized already, the number of active online gamblers has surged over the past few months during the pandemic. According to research by the Gambling Commission, online slots have a 25% higher participation rate than previous seasons while online pokers have 38% more.

So, how does that come to your advantage? – the answer is quite simple. The higher the number of participants, the greater are your chances to play at a good table.

While casual punters with less experience in table games usually crowd the online casinos during the weekends or the holidays, now the participation rate is almost always very high. So, regardless of the time you choose for your gambling sessions, there is a high chance that you will be able to sit at a table that may make you a bit richer than the time you began your session.

Options to Gamble on Multiple Platforms

As if punting away at the comfort of your home was not enough, now you have the opportunity to gamble on your favourite casino games on multiple platforms.

With credit to mobile gambling sites, most renowned casinos are easier to navigate through mobile devices. Whether you have an Android, iOS device, Windows, or BlackBerry, now you can make bets any time you feel like.

While mobile casinos work pretty well for casual gambling when you do not have access to your desktop, mobile betting apps go an extra step higher to provide you with an improved gambling experience. These apps are designed for personalized gambling sessions, so you can easily create a separate layout for instant access to your desired games.

In the last few months, mobile casinos have gained massive recognition, and therefore, many new betting apps are on the rise. For having the best one in your palms, check out AllGambling for online gambling sites and enjoy gambling disregarding time and place.

More Potential of Winning Progressive Jackpots

Lockdown has numerous benefits, like maintaining your well-being and enhancing your winning potential. If you are a fan of progressive jackpots, then you may find this perk extremely helpful for getting one step closer to your goal.

Unlike regular slot machines, progressive jackpots do not have a fixed jackpot amount. The machine collects a fraction of the stake placed during each spin and adds it to its ever-growing jackpot prize money.

When the jackpot is all filled up, and a lucky punter spins the reels, that’s when the magic happens! The one lucky player receives life-changing reward money and the jackpot goes back to collecting small portions for another big hit.

As you can see, the more the players gamble in these progressive jackpots, the faster the machine gets refilled. The number of active players trying their luck in progressive slots is greater than ever, and that’s exactly why there lie your chances of hitting a lucky spin.

Switching Casinos in a Few Clicks

Visiting a land-based gambling establishment is all nice and smooth until you feel like trying your luck on a different casino. There may be too many moves involved from driving to the desired location to maintaining the timing well, at the end of which you may as well lose interest in gambling for the day.

The story is completely opposite when it comes to online sites. No need to dress up and go out in the midst of a global pandemic; just relax on your old couch and scroll through different casinos until you find the perfect one.

That being said, there are many aspects you need to consider while choosing an online casino, such as a wide variety of casino games, licensing and safety measurements, good customer service, fast payouts, and more. It may seem like a tedious process if you are new to online gambling.

However, you can lessen your research to a minimum by visiting AllGambling for safe gambling sites. These online casinos are renowned for their excellent products and services, so any time you stick to AllGambling’s recommendations, you know you will be in good hands!

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