In the USA: Unlimited Police Brutality! Agent shoots a child with autism 11 times and does not go to prison, VIDEO

Unlimited Police Brutality in the US! Agent shoots a child with autism 11 times and is not arrested.

The Salt Lake City Police (Utah, USA) published on Monday videos of the body cameras of the agents involved in a shooting that earlier this month caused multiple injuries to a 13-year-old boy with Asperger syndrome.

On September 4, Linden Cameron’s mother, Golda Barton, called the police to request a crisis intervention team because her son was suffering an episode of “severe separation anxiety”, as his mother was to work for the first time in more than a year. Officers who responded to the incident fired multiple shots at Cameron, who is still hospitalized after sustaining injuries to his shoulder, ankles, bowels and bladder.

The officer who shot Cameron was suspended from employment but not from pay on Monday. Three separate investigations are currently underway into the officer’s use of deadly force.

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