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ATROCIOUS! The Norwegian government KILLED Walrus Freya because she was so friendly to humans!


OSLO, NORWAY.- In an abhorrent act from all points of view, the Norwegian government through its fisheries directorate, took the unilateral decision to kill on Sunday, August 14, 2022, the very popular Walrus Freya, for having an unusual behavior to be a walrus and it is that Freya fled or moved away from human beings like the other Walruses of her species.

On the contrary Freya, she arrived at the port and approached the boats where she went up to spend the sun, and on many occasions she was seen approaching humans and even swimming with them.

It is important to emphasize that the Norwegian government had threatened to assassinate Freya if the situation of rapprochement with her by tourists or inhabitants near the port who came en masse to meet Freya continued.

Is it euthanasia or murder?

Initially the Norwegian government claimed to have applied euthanasia to Freya, but this is contrary to the euthanasia concept that according to Wikipedia is:

Euthanasia is the deliberate intervention to end a life with no prospect of a cure. Euthanasia is practiced both on humans and on animals of other species.

Relocation that never wanted to be done..

Many biologists and conservationists asked for a long time that she be relocated to where she could share with her kind but they were not taken into account by the Norwegian government.

The real reasons…?

According to sources consulted, it seems that the real reasons were not for approaching humans but for complaints from boat owners who did not like that Freya

The voices of conservationists.

Criticism of the Norwegian government was not long in coming from the protectors of marine animals, in the case of Hugh Harrop Wildlife.

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