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“Bailando” is the musical invitation of La Cassandra

La Cassandra

Miami, FL, .- (@MinayaPR) La Cassandra continues to rise in the industry. Now with the presentation of her third single titled “Bailando” where she mixes and makes a Latin, contemporary Latin, pop and Latin fusion, and influenced by Afro-Latin this time under the multinational Altafonte platform.

Altafonte is a distributor of digital music and videos created by professionals with a long history in the music industry. Since 1993, it has been a pioneer in propelling change in the industry, while achieving great deals with artists such as Julio Iglesias, Julieta Venegas, Victoria La Mala, among others. others.


Produced by Víctor Rosso and co-written with Randy Wisky, the tropical pop song showcases brass, percussion and Afro-Latin music influences for a cultural blend of rhythms.

“Bailando” is a song inspired by loving life to the fullest by putting aside fears, and fighting for happiness. It provides uplifting words with a rhythm linked to Caribbean roots. “You have to live life, Just let it go Bailando” is a reminder to enjoy life, says the Artist.

“I wrote this song after a trip to my home country Dominican Republic and treasuring the memories. In a world where it is so normal to be stressed and worried, I felt free there; The people, their simplicity and the beauty of the island inspired the lyrics.” said the singer showing her motivation.




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