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For these reasons Hugo Lloris announced his retirement from the French National Team

Hugo LlorisHugo Lloris, Photo for Depositphoto with licence for notiactual.com

For these reasons Hugo Lloris announced his retirement from the French National Team

The goalkeeper with the most appearances in the history of the World Cup (2018 champion) says goodbye to competitions at the country level.

Hugo Lloris, world champion goalkeeper with France in 2018 and runner-up in 2022, announced on Monday his withdrawal from the national team, a decision that justifies that he “gave everything” and “you have to know how to take over.”

In an interview with the sports newspaper L’Equipe, Lloris points out that after 14 seasons defending the French jersey and at 36 he considers that he has reached “the end”. “I have decided to end my international career, with the feeling that I have given it my all,” he adds.

The London Tottenham goalkeeper justifies the timing of the announcement because there are two and a half months left for the start of the qualifying phase for Euro 2024 and “out of respect for the coach and the players”, so that they can have a fresh start.

Lloris explains that the possibility of achieving a second consecutive world championship and breaking the record for caps with France motivated him to continue with the “bleus” until the Qatar championship.

He explains that when he is a goalkeeper “you can stay in your bubble” and adds that he lived through six final phases as captain. “It’s exhausting and I see that I no longer recover mentally as before. I finished (the World Cup) exhausted,” he says.

Hugo Lloris believes that the French goal will be well covered with his replacement, Mike Maignan. “There is a goalkeeper who is ready and I need to have a little time for myself, my family and my children,” he stresses, before stating that “you have to know how to take over.”

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