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What does it mean to dream of lightning?

What does it mean to dream of lightning?

Although some authors interpret dreaming of lightning or lightning as a way of seeking shelter from possible problems that are going to come, other authors, on the contrary, give other types of interpretations. Everything will logically depend on the context of your dream and the events that are taking place in your life. In this way, dreaming of a dark night invaded by endless lightning bolts can indicate glimpses of hope for escaping from certain setbacks (darkness is momentarily replaced by lightning bolts of light). The meanings of dreams must be interpreted from a very personal point of view.


Why dream of lightning and lightning? When can my subconscious evoke this dream?

Logically, lightning bolts are the prelude and announce possible storms (read more when dreaming of storms) so in certain cases it can indicate seeking safety or shelter in conflict situations. This is a common dream for all ages and genders, but you may be more susceptible to dreaming of lightning bolts if you consider future troubles to come. It won’t always be like this. You can read more cases and examples about dreams with lightning or lightning.

Some specific cases when dreaming of lightning and lightning that you should know.

Dreaming of lightning and lightning because of your dependency. Did you know that lightning is associated with thunder? This may suggest that you are dependently linked to certain people or have certain vices that prevent you from being free. At best, it may indicate that you are admired by some people who are trying to follow in your footsteps.

Be positive and optimistic. Dreaming of lightning can be a sign of a ray of hope to solve those aspects that worry you.

Dreaming that lightning or lightning strikes you. Logically it will not indicate a period of misfortunes or calamities. On the contrary, you consider that you are someone very special… Realize that the probability that lightning strikes a person is 1 in 2,500,000. Do you consider that you are a person who stands out from the rest?

Dreaming that lightning strikes a lightning rod. In the face of certain problems, you know that you have a backup, a refuge, extra security. Example: Faced with the global economic crisis, you know that no matter how bad things go, you know that you have an economic cushion from your savings or good health insurance to prevent certain diseases. What is your case?

Dreaming of lightning and storms as a prelude to troublesome events. Do you consider that there is a crisis in your work? You are not studying enough to pass your exams? A medical result that does not let you sleep? Your subconscious gives you this dream as a way to mentally prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. It is not a bad omen dream but consider the possibility of taking action to anticipate these problems.

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