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What are canker sores or mouth sores and how to cure them with natural remedies ..?

What are canker sores or mouth sores and how to cure them with natural remedies

Although they are wounds that appear very frequently, the truth is that it is not known precisely why they appear. What is known is that they affect 20% of the population. They cause pain and discomfort, both to talk and to eat.

The appearance of sores may be related to several causes. Some factors that trigger them are stress, intake of acidic or citrus foods, injuries from any food or utensil, a weakened immune system, a nutritional problem or a gastrointestinal disease. Orthodontics can also cause them.

You have to pay attention to canker sores and herpes, which may be the same in terms of their appearance, but not in relation to the disease. Cold sores are caused by a simple virus and are contagious, canker sores are not. The first may appear in other places on the face, such as the lips, nose and under the chin.

How to cure them?


It is one of the cheapest and most effective antiseptics that exist. It is a great ally to heal sores naturally. You just have to mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth, emphasizing the area where you have the sore. Spit the water and repeat that process at least three times a day.

Gradually the pain and discomfort will decrease. There are people who choose to take a grain of coarse salt and rub it on the sore. The problem with this is that it generates more pain and irritation, so it is not recommended.
Sodium bicarbonate

It works just like salt, as an effective antiseptic in these cases. Mix with half a glass of water and rinse your mouth, swishing without swallowing the liquid.

You can also form a paste with a little water and apply on the sore, leaving a few moments to make its effect. Then rinse with cold water without rubbing.

It is a remedy not so “natural” but that can serve you enough to calm the discomfort in the mouth, an immediate relief that will control the formation of bacteria. But do not put too much rinse, especially if it is very strong, because it is likely to burn you.

The property of an ice cube is to cure the sores little by little and, in turn, reduce inflammation and soothe the pain. It acts like a sedative. Place a cube as many times as you consider necessary per day.

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