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SUSO33’s urban layout takes over the Odalys gallery in Madrid


SUSO33 ‘s urban layout takes over the Odalys gallery in Madrid

Considered one of the highest representatives of urban art, the Madrid-born creator will exhibit until July more than 30 works in the exhibition “AVAILABLE space Without permission … is it possible?”

Suso33, one of the veterans of Street Art in Spain, is a multidisciplinary artist, who began with graffiti to take his proposals to other formats such as performance, video installations and galleries, such as the Odalys in Madrid in which from this May 22, 2021, the individual space AVAILABLE Without permission … is it possible? And which can be visited until July in the exhibition hall located at Calle Orfila 5, 28010, Madrid.

The exhibition, which brings together more than 30 works by the artist, is curated by Alfonso de la Torre, theorist and art critic from Madrid, specialist in contemporary Spanish art, who writes in the presentation text of the exhibition: in his creative process , “Like John Cage and the Fluxus, admirers of the Zen world, SUSO33 shares the desire to bridge the age-old separation between art and life. At the end, the processes linked to art autre, informalism and abstract expressionism, action painting, referred to an expression of art that had ‘life’ and that this was related to who was contemplating the works ”.

The philosophy from which the artist born in Madrid in 1973 starts is precise: “Art is great, and like it or not, it is here and it will continue. It grows, lives, develops and merges ”.

He is a multifaceted artist, set designer, muralist, performance artist … SUSO33 is considered the forerunner of iconographic graffiti, a consummate experimenter of language in this form of urban art and the greatest exponent of live painting (or action painting) in Spain.

And although unlike Banksy, SUSO33 does not hide his face, his artistic development has been marked by distancing himself from the formalities of academic art, the search for new forms of communication with people and the forceful criticism of what, according to its optics, deserves to be questioned.

Suso33 began his career in the mid-1980s, and since then he has held more than 70 solo and group exhibitions internationally, as well as more than 40 performances.


The artist defines himself as “a restless person with a need to express himself and that through music, art, performance has found his means of expression. For me, art is more a need to express myself and an inner search, one more step to reach that dark, deep, poetic, emotional side… ”. (Uppers digital magazine, July 2019).

AVAILABLE space Without permission … is it possible? It will have two assemblies: the one that begins this Saturday and the one that will begin to be exhibited from July 8, also at the Odalys Gallery, from 6:00 p.m. in Spain.

The gallery will respect at all times the relevant safety and hygiene measures in the face of the current pandemic (use of a mask, capacity limitation, cleaning and disinfection) so that the public and collectors can continue to enjoy direct contact with the works of art.


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