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Plastic surgery is one of the most demanding specializations


Experience and medical knowledge guarantee the desired results

Garbis Kaakedjian, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, believes that trust with the doctor is fundamental to patient satisfaction.


The nature of the human being is to evolve in every way. Although he wishes to be recognized as intelligent, deep and prosperous, he also looks for ways to have a better presence, be satisfied with his physical appearance and be distinguished as an attractive and well-rounded person. To do this, he takes care of his health and takes all measures to preserve his life.

Both men and women seek to look and feel better. When they have a congenital or acquired problem, they have the option of cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance or correct their nonconformity. Another case is when the patient, unfortunately, has a carcinoma (breast cancer) that has to be resected or removed. That entails a reconstruction, not with a prosthesis, but with your own tissues, making large flaps from the abdomen or back to reconstruct that breast. It is then a reconstructive surgery. They are two different procedures.

This is what Garbis Kaakedjian, an aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, maintains. He graduated as a surgeon from the Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado, UCLA with a postgraduate degree in General Surgery and a postgraduate degree in Plastic Surgery, at the Central University of Venezuela, UCV. He has 38 years of experience and more than nine operating at the CDD Las Mercedes Teaching Diagnostic Center, directed by Wilson Mourad, a surgeon and specialist in digestive tracts, who has guided his management to the latest generation medical technology.

Kaakedjian does plastic and reconstructive surgery. “Within plastic surgery we do rhinoplasties (nose surgery) and between rhinoplasties, we intervene the functional part, which is done by ENT specialists. In other words, we operate on patients who may have a respiratory problem plus a congenital defect. In our team we do the aesthetics and the functional part in an integral way without having to go to another specialist”.

In the opinion of the expert, women and men, but more women than men, go for rhinoplasty because they have a long, high, wide or droopy nose. “That’s called rhinodeformity. There are several types of deformities. They practically come because of high noses or because they have a sagging back, hump or tip. These are the deformities a person is born with. They rarely come because they had an accident, but for genetic reasons that can be modified, ”he maintained.

Rhinoplasty is a delicate surgery, which requires a lot of experience and knowledge. In general, patients have anxiety prior to the intervention, which can be reduced if a conversation is established between the patient and the surgeon that generates realistic expectations of results. For example, according to Kaakedjian, it is important to build trust and for this, the specialist must show photographs and/or videos of previously operated cases. Also, that the patient knows that the results in rhinoplasty will not be seen until months go by, since inflammations occur that slowly reduce.

It is also essential to know the credentials of the team that will intervene in the operation, starting with the plastic surgeon, his assistants and anesthesiologists, among others. It happens that in plastic surgery it is known that there are some doctors who describe themselves as aesthetic doctors or surgeons, but this person has not completed the postgraduate courses that are required, for which they are called “intrusive”, which means that they lack certifications. professionals to practice.

“To be a plastic surgeon, -said Kaakedjian-, postgraduate degrees in general surgery and plastic surgery are required. They are 7 years of specialized studies. This ‘intruder’ began to operate because he saw some videos or because he helped someone for a little while, so he began to do liposuction, rhinoplasty or augmentation mammoplasty and they charge very cheap, in order to attract people with limited resources and end up operating for Many people. That’s called ‘piracy’.” He added that when they have a complication they don’t help the patient, they turn their backs and leave. They have no way to deal with possible complications.

Consequently, a patient who is going to undergo any operation must demand his credentials from the plastic surgeon; among which he must incorporate his membership in the Venezuelan Society of Plastic Surgery, which to enter he requires having all his papers in order. Life is worth everything and we have to take care of it.

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