China cannot with the death toll caused by the Coronavirus


China is not able to meet the dead of the Coronavirus. While the photo of the corpse of a man a few meters from a Chinese hospital is viralized, photos of medical staff and nurses collapsed due to fatigue due to the excessive work they have had in the middle of the international health emergency decreed by The OMS.

The victim died a few meters from one of the hospitals reserved for the treatment of people affected by the epidemic.

The man, in his 60s, wore a white protective mask on his face. Dressed in black, he was lying on his back, with his arms extended along his body.

No relationship can be established between his death and the new coronavirus that left 213 dead in China, the vast majority of them in Wuhan or its region.

But the quarantine imposed in Wuhan last week and the ban on driving by car have emptied its streets, and this explains the relative anonymity in which this person died.

The man died a few tens of meters from Wuhan Hospital number 6, one of the main medical centers reserved for the treatment of people affected by the virus.

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