Austria closed its rail traffic with Italy on suspicion of coronavirus.

Austrian authorities have suspended all rail traffic with Italy on Sunday after learning that two people with fever symptoms were traveling on a train from Venice. They are presumed to be infected with the coronavirus, Austrian public radio ORF reported.

The aforementioned train, coming from Venice, which is part of the Eurocity 86 line and was destined for Munich, was stopped before arriving in Austria and is at the border station on the Italian side.

Moments later, Austria suspended all rail traffic on this border, which affects three other trains even on Sunday night.

It was the Italian railway company itself that informed the Austrian of the presence of two passengers with symptoms of fever in the Eurocity, which could indicate a contagion of coronavirus, said ORF.

The train had already stopped in the Italian city of Verona to perform an analysis of the two passengers with symptoms, but continued after the virus was not detected.

More measures against coronavirus in Austria
Some 300 people now wait on the train at the border, unable to enter Austria, although they have freedom of movement on the Italian side.

The Austrian railway company ÖBB informs on its website that the Brennero crossing is closed, but without indicating the reasons or more details.

Austria, which so far has not registered cases of coronavirus, still consults the next measures with Italy, where an outbreak was declared this week that has already caused three deaths, in addition to infecting more than 150 people in the northern regions of the country.

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