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The US expands sponsorship quotas to emigrate legally from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti

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The US expands sponsorship quotas to emigrate legally from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti.

To somehow control the avalanche of illegal immigration that the US government is receiving, it has expanded the sponsorship quotas initially granted to Venezuelans, at a rate of 24,000 quotas for a single time, and now it has extended them to three more countries.

The Biden administration has framed a new plan to emigrate legally to the United States that benefits some Latin American countries. The plan is based on having a sponsor, be it a family member or an employer in that country, who makes the request for the interested person who may emigrate with your family and have a work permit for two years.

New countries for sponsorship

Now Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti enter the new form, also including Venezuela.

How many Quotas are there for each country?

Until now, as the measure is very new, it is only known that 30,000 places have been enabled for the four countries and they end when the capacity is filled, as long as the amount is filled, perhaps at the beginning it will be filled but based on experience with the pilot plan that was Venezuela, the quotas were not all approved and to date the first 24,000 apparently not all were used.

How often are the quotas renewed?

Each month immigrants from the four named countries will have the chance to opt for one of the 30,000 places available.

Are the 24,000 seats that Venezuela already had added?

As far as is known, they do not add up, the initial 24,000 places will apparently be available until they run out, then the sponsorship plan will be governed by the 30,000 place.

More information on the website of the United States embassy for Venezuela.

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