MEXICO.. a narco-state plagued by feminicides.

A narco-state plagued by feminicides? By action or omission is the Mexican state guilty?

The atrocious case of the seven-year-old girl raped and murdered in Mexico, revives the reality that the citizens of that country live, which in addition to being a narco-state is also permissive with crimes against women.

It seems somewhat unusual, but in reality in Mexico if a man beats his wife’s wife almost to death, he is not imprisoned, when a fine is imposed on him.

On February 11, the Fatima’s mother was late to pick her up from the Enrique C. Rébsamen school in Mexico City, and an unknown woman took her

The Mexicans do not leave the impact generated by the murder of Ingrid Escamilla, whose partner, last week, tore the skin and threw pieces into a drain; Now the death of a 7-year-old girl ends up moving them.
The little girl was called Fatima and on February 11 she was reported missing. This Sunday they found the body in the Los Reyes neighborhood, near the Tláhuac City Hall in Mexico City.
Through Twitter, Manuel López Guzmán, uncle of Fatima, reported that his little girl was found dead, “naked and tortured.”

“Twitter friends, I want to thank you for all your help for helping me find my niece, today they found her murdered, naked and tortured. God bless you, all of you, take care of your children …, “he wrote on his social network.

“The family and the people are in mourning, it was a girl here from the town, we all knew her, she was originally, and we are going to make noise, with all the settlers and all the people who accompany us, it is not fair, we are a town without law, ”said one inhabitant.

The child disappeared when the mother of the child was late to pick her up from the Enrique C. Rebsamen school, located in the Santiago Tulyehualco neighborhood, in the Xochimilco City Hall.

According to the loss file issued by the Mexican Association of Stolen and Missing Children, “a woman took her when the little girl was waiting for her mother.”

After five days of his disappearance, the Attorney General of Mexico City (Cdmx) confirmed on Sunday that he was in the Los Reyes neighborhood, inside a garbage bag.

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