In Spain, A male nurse asked a man to wear a mask and he has taken out one eye, VIDEO


In Spain, a nurse asked a man to wear a mask and he has taken out one eye.


Does it seem unusual? Both the aggressive, sadistic and savage attitude of the aggressor and the passive and haggard of the rest of the passengers who only limited themselves to seeing how the nurse was attacked in such a brutal way, only one who has recorded the event and has served to try to locate to the subject who fled the site saying: “I hope you die.”


The victim, seeing that one of the users was not wearing a mask, reproaches him for his behavior. After an argument, the young man hits the toilet at eye level with a sharp object and knocks him out while he exits to the platform of Line 1 of Alto del Arenal station.

He is looking for the sadistic aggressor.

The police have requested citizen collaboration to find the aggressor, who left wishing the victim death: “Let it be clear to you, I hope you die, asshole.” The man had to be transferred to Hospital 12 de Octubre but, according to El Mundo, they could do nothing to save his eye.


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