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Find out how to choose the right type of property


Find out how to choose the right type of property

Find out how to choose the perfect property for you and your family. How the sale or rent value of a property is calculated. Now that you know which properties to visit, you need evaluation criteria to know how to identify good properties. One of the common considerations is the type of property.

The type of property has the power to impact your quality of life. Let us know some advantages and disadvantages of each category, so that you can choose the property that best matches your style and that of your family!

Gated community: The advantages of living in a gated community are more security and facilities for you and your family. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the rights and duties of the residents.

House or townhouse: Horizontal construction, with 2 or 3 floors – a townhouse. Large urban centers do not have so many houses at their disposal, which has become a very common option in neighborhoods. The advantages of living in a house or townhouse are greater space and comfort, more comfortable to customize and, being away from the center, greater tranquility in the surroundings. Although more comfortable, the house demands greater cleaning effort, in addition to being less secure than an apartment in a closed condominium.

Apartment: It is a vertical property, composing a building. It is characterized by a clear division between rooms. The standard apartment has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. The most modern plants amend the kitchen with the living room and attach the laundry to the kitchen, to save space. It is the most common and accessible option in cities with a large population concentration. The advantages of the apartment are less effort in cleaning and maintenance compared to a house or townhouse, in addition to greater privacy. On the other hand, condominium fees can raise total expenses, and living in condominiums can have some disadvantages. You will also find larger apartments, with two or three floors, known as duplex and triplex, respectively. If you want to buy a condominium, you might consider SLS Brickell Condos for sale.

Kitnet: It is a very small apartment, between 20 and 35 square meters. It usually has only one bedroom and one bathroom. Quite used by new people who arrive in the city to work, but still do not have financial stability to assume the rent of a more comfortable apartment.

Studio: The studio has similar characteristics to the kitnet: small, compact and without dividers. However, it is more modern and well structured, with built-in cabinets and planned furniture, for example. While kitnets are older, studios are part of the new apartment configurations for those who live alone. Currently the studios are offered in high standard condominiums, with several options of services and facilities such as a party room, gourmet spaces, gym, swimming pool and sauna. The idea is to compensate for the restricted space with recreation and leisure options that are easily accessible by residents.

Loft: The loft originates from the conversion of a commercial property to a residential one. Usually there are no divisions between the rooms, which are made by furniture and dry-wall walls. They are more expensive and more spacious. They attract young singles looking for a high standard and well located apartment, ideal for receiving friends.

Flat: The flat is a small apartment in a vertical condominium that also offers hotel services. Typically a flat owner has laundry, breakfast and a restaurant on site, as well as access to facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, games room and party room, all within the condominium. It is usually possible to rent a flat per month or even per night, in the same way as the hotel.

So, which one will you choose?

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