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ROX FRONTINI officially opens her new Art Experience “FEAR FREE”


Miami, FL, February 15, 2022.- (@MinayaPR) ROX FRONTINI officially opens her new Art Experience “FEAR FREE”, starting February 16th at her atelier and studio in Coconut Groove (Miami, Florida).

The pioneering artist combines fine art, music and design to inspire us to connect with the highest of human qualities, as in this case is “the courage to transcend fear”.

More than an installation or art exhibition “FEAR FREE, The Art Experience” unveils a series of paintings, textile sculptures, illustrations and songs exclusively designed by the artist to #InspireYourPower to Transcend Fear.

“Every human being has the ability to overcome weaknesses and challenges, we just require support to stay motivated and inspired enough to get the job done. Each of the artworks, melodies, lyrics, messages and designs that are part of “The FEAR FREE Art Experience” have been conceived with precision to feed our Creative Alchemy, inspiring us to move forward manifesting what were once only dreams” explains ROX about this new experience.

To attend this private event, visitors only need to subscribe to the ROX V.I.P list by entering their email, and an invitation will be sent to their inbox. All details can be found at https://roxanafrontini.com/fearfree

As an exception, “The FEAR FREE Experience” will be open to the public attending the Coconut Grove Arts Festival on Saturday, February 19th and Sunday, February 20th of 2022, starting at 11am.

“Each of my creations is designed to support and motivate people who are on the path of personal growth, conscious awakening and purposeful leadership. Accompanying them with art and entertainment on their valuable path of transformation and development, is one of my greatest gifts.” expresses the Integral Artist Roxana Frontini, a.k.a. ROX.


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