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Become a Driving Instructorin Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom


Do you live in Salisbury and want to become one of the driving instructors in Salisbury and have you ever thought about how to get qualified as a driving instructor? If so, and you’re definitely interested in perhaps training up to be one of the best driving schools in Salisbury then continue reading this article.

Being a driving instructor can be one of the most rewarding jobs you possibly chose to do. Not only can you work the hours that suit you but you can be your own boss too, How great is that?At Superdrive Academy, we know that training to become a Driving Instructor should not cost you thousands of pounds. On average, the big national companies can charge you approximately £3,000 and sometimes upwards for training fees. Then once you’ve finished your training, and providing you’ve passed the qualifying exams to become a driving instructor, some of the national companies will plonk you onto a franchise and can then charge you a fee of about £210 per week, that’s £840.00 per month. That’s very expensive, ok it does include a car which you’d expect but still a lot of money to pay out each week.

Making things easy
Our training model is similar to most other driving instructor training companies but we believe you should pay just for the training and support you get, and not the overheads of big companies such as their sales team, accountancy teams, company cars and their rent.

During our time, our training courseshave proven to be a success and we know that by paying less for your training does not necessarily mean you’re getting less.The quality and standards are there as we are ORDIT qualified.

At the time of writing, our training course package costs just £1,750. These costs can either be on a “Pay as You Go” basis, or a “Pre-set Price” training package option. We know training can be expensive, so we will work with you to help you select a payment plan which is best for you and your circumstances.

When you train with us, you are not just buying into a training package; but you are buying into a new career that has the backing and support of our skills and knowledge of which we’vebuilt up through the many years of experience.

Once your training has finished, you’ll be given the opportunity to join our ever-growing team of instructors. We don’t stop there either, you will also benefit from extensive Continued Personal Development (CPD) on an individual basis. Most Driving Schools will take your fee without offering you any type of CPD – this is a recipe for disaster.

Continued Personal development is key to your success in this industry, therefore, we’re not just here for the duration of your training, we will support you in any way we can long after you have finished your training regardless of how many months or years has gone by.

If you’re interested in becoming a driving instructor then just simply visit www.superdriveacademy.co.uk


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