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ATROCIOUS! Sweden’s Furuvik Zoo slaughtered 3 chimpanzees with gunshots, saying they didn’t have enough anesthesia


ATROCIOUS! Sweden’s Furuvik Zoo slaughtered 3 chimpanzees with gunshots, saying they didn’t have enough anesthesia.

Furuvik, SWEDEN.– At least 5 chimpanzees escaped from their cages at the Swedish Zoo where they have been kidnapped to be the object of amusement for tourists.

The company that operates the Furuvik Zoo, which is 200 km from Stockholm, is called Parks and Resorts and the company spokesperson is Annika Troselius, she would have assured that: “There is tranquilizer in the park but using it was never an alternative.”

Chimpanzees are NOT native to Sweden, where they have probably been cold and hungry.,An independent expert told our newsroom.

The representative of the company that issued the order to fire against the primates brazenly stated: “A chimpanzee is considered a high-risk animal. If it is found outside the park it becomes a danger to people’s lives.”

The question is very simple: what do these primates do outside the forest, which is their natural place?

Obviously, what these companies do is profit from the animals and incidentally kill them with shots if they leave the cages where they are kept under continuous stress.

The Furuvik Zoo’s money administration said anesthesia was “not an alternative.”

They also stated that: “we cannot allow people to move inside the park and that we are still on alert”, even though the park is closed for winter.

Something that cannot be put in the same sentence because it contradicts itself. If it is closed, how is it that it puts people at risk? If according to them the anesthesia from tranquilizing darts takes 10 minutes to take effect and it was not an option, did they not have enough time with the park closed?

Mysteriously, up to now, it is not known that a police investigation has been initiated for the facts that evidently represent flagrant animal abuse.

In the last few hours it was learned that the police have also denounced the park for violating the Animal Welfare Law, on suspicion that the park grounds were not secure enough to prevent the animals from escaping.

According to our investigations:

Animal Welfare and Rights in Sweden is about the treatment and laws regarding non-human animals in Sweden.

The Swedish Penal Code criminalizes cruelty to animals, whether intentional or due to gross negligence. These protections apply to all animals capable of suffering.

In addition to the Penal Code, the Swedish Animal Welfare Act of 1988 states that animals must be well treated and protected from disease and unnecessary suffering. It includes specific requirements including the provision of sufficient food, water, care and space; placing animals in an environment that promotes their health and allows for natural behavior; use appropriate means of transportation to provide shelter and protection; and not subject animals to surgical procedures or administer injections, except when necessary for veterinary medical reasons. At slaughter, animals are required to avoid unnecessary discomfort and suffering and cattle are stunned before bleeding. This exceeds the slaughter requirements of the European Union, which allows member states to grant exemptions for religious slaughter; therefore no kosher slaughter can take place in Sweden.

The Animal Welfare Ordinance 1988 contains additional provisions relating to livestock. Livestock buildings may not be erected or modified without the approval of an animal welfare and animal health authority. The Ordinance empowers the Board of Agriculture to issue further regulations on specific species. Regulations made under this provision include rules on fish farming and transportation. Source.Wikipedia.

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